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Welcome to place your order for PCB samples from PCB Manufacturing China-TXJ. Our samples include:

  • Board Type: Choose from double-sided, multilayer, or rigid/flexible boards.
  • Size and Shape: Provide us with the dimensions and thickness of the PCB samples.
  • Material: Our samples are made from high-quality materials such as FR-4 glass fiber reinforced epoxy or polyimide.
  • Layer Count: Specify the number of layers and the structure for multilayer boards.
  • Copper Foil Thickness: Indicate the thickness of the copper foils on the PCB samples, both for inner and outer layers.
  • Surface Treatment: We offer various surface treatments such as HASL, ENIG, or OSP for our PCB samples.
  • Minimum Trace Width/Spacing: Specify the minimum trace width and spacing achievable on the PCB samples, crucial for precise circuit design.
  • Impedance Control: If your PCB samples require specific impedance control, please mention it in the order.
  • Finish Color: Choose your desired finish color for the PCB samples, such as green, red, or blue.
  • Additional Features: If you need special features like gold fingers, blind vias, or buried vias, please include them in the order.

To place your order or inquire further, please contact our website customer service or send an email to [[email protected]] .We look forward to serving you and providing you with the highest quality PCB samples tailored to your requirements.

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    Drop an email, chat directly, and place your order, super convenient, gets done real quick. Prices are great too!

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