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  • Our Steel Mesh is designed to meet the demanding requirements of PCB manufacturing.
  • Crafted with precision, it offers exceptional durability and reliability, ensuring precise stencil printing and solder paste application.
  • With its fine mesh structure and excellent flatness, it guarantees consistent and accurate results.
  • Whether you’re working on prototypes or high-volume production, our Steel Mesh delivers outstanding performance and enhances overall efficiency. Trust in our superior Steel Mesh for your PCB manufacturing needs.

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Steel Mesh Type

Dual Process Steel Mesh, Laser Steel Mesh, Step Steel Mesh

Steel Mesh Specs

37.0cm×47.0cm (Effective Area(19 cm x 29 cm), 42.0cm×52.0cm (Effective Area(24 cm x 34 cm), 55.0cm×65.0cm (Effective Area(35 cm x 45 cm), 58.4cm×58.4cm (Effective Area(27 cm x 38 cm), 73.6cm×73.6cm (Effective Area(50 cm x 50 cm)

1 review for Steel Mesh

  1. *** Innovations

    Absolutely gotta commend the innovation of Steel Mesh from TXJ. Their meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled quality with those mesh screens are truly elevating the SMT experience to a whole new level.

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